God’s Empowering Presence

gods empowering presence

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” (Romans 16:20 ESV)

God is always calling his people into deeper communion with himself. The Holy Spirit is nudging us to launch out into the deep. The Spirit leads us into deeper waters to experience more of God’s empowering presence. Growing in intimacy with him causes us to live in peace.

The sleeping Church is awakening to recognize that Satan is the source of our problem. People are not our real enemies. The devil is behind all strife and division.

The Lord is restoring those who have grown weary to re-enter the cosmic battle against spiritual darkness. We stand against darkness by walking in the light of truth. Our focus should be on Jesus, not the evil one.

We grow in discernment and holiness when we humble ourselves through prayer and worship.

It’s time for those who have fallen to stand back up and experience his mercy and grace. Broken people that have become unfruitful can bear fruit again as we learn the secret of abiding in Christ. God is extending his hand of grace and mercy to all that will take it. He will deliver us from the pit we dug for ourselves when we turn from sin. Grace will not leave us in our sin but will empower us to overcome it.

The God of peace will crush satan under our feet so that we can live to fight another day.