Offer Violence To Your Lust And Corruption: John Owen


“Are you in depths and doubts, staggering and uncertain, not knowing what is your condition, nor whether you have any interest in the forgiveness that is of God? Are you tossed up and down between hopes and fears, and want peace, consolation and establishment? Why lie you upon your faces? Get up: watch, pray, fast, meditate, offer violence to your lusts and corruptions; fear not, startle not at their crying to be spared; press unto the throne of grace by prayer, supplications, importunities, restless requests—this is the way to take the kingdom of God. These are not peace, are not assurance, but they are part of the means God hath appointed for the attainment of them.” – John Owen

Born: 1616, Stadhampton, Oxfordshire, England

Died:1683 (aged 66–67), Ealing, Middlesex

Occupation: Theologian, pastor, academic administrator